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Buffalo 200 Servo premade pouch machine

Buffalo 200 Servo pouch machine

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BUFFALO 200 SERVO machine Machine to open, fill and seal all style pre-made bags.Bag styles; Stand-up (Doypack), side gusset, flat bottom, ...

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BUFFALO 200 SERVO machine

Machine to open, fill and seal all style pre-made bags.
Bag styles; Stand-up (Doypack), side gusset, flat bottom, 3-side seal, piping and box pouches / bags.

Max. Speed: 15 bags / minute (depending on dosing time).

Bag Width: 120mm ≤ to ≤ 240 mm; (custom sizes on request)
Bag Length: 120mm ≤ to ≤ 300 mm; (larger sizes only in combination with the automatic pouchfeeder)
Bag shape: Stand-up pouch (with zipper), 3-side seal Pouch, box pouch (with zipper), side gusset pouch;
Max. bag weight to handle: 2.5kg / Servo with 2 filling stations; 1.5kg per bag;
Max Speed: 15 BPM with 1s Discharge Filling time; (depending on filling time)
Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 1700*800*1320mm  (SG 1360*785*1300mm)
Power:230V / 50HZ Single phase
Air consumption: 0,47 m3 / min (470Ltr)
Weight; 600kg

Mitsubishi PLC
Omron PID Temperature Controller;
Winview  10 inches from Taiwan;
Pneumatics components from Airtac ;
Piab Vacuum Generator From Sweden;

Technical Features:
*No bag No dump
*Easy Adjustable
*Low Operating & Maintenance cost
*Multi Bag Format
*InterLock, CE Certificate
*Panasonic Servo Motor Drive and screw Shaft track to do the transverse Moving
*PTFE coated seal bars (video)


Automatic pouch feeder with double magazine
Pouch feeder with double bag capacity for easy filling during operation to run the machine continuously (video)

Additional funnel
Machine comes standard with one funnel which is related to given bag size. If more bag sizes are used which are much smaller or bigger you might need an extra funnel to keep up speed in filling process.

Grip seal
Additional jaws who clamps the bag around the funnel when filling process starts in order to achieve as less product in the air. Often used for light powder products.

Zipper opening application + air flush for bottom opening
Special device which opens a closed zipper and blows air into the bag to fold out (video). 

Heavy bag assist / Product settler
Used for filling above 1KG and used for tapping under the bag to lower the product level while filling (video).

Product Vibrator
Vibrating motor connected on funnel for better product flow on sticky products.

Gas flush on filling funnel
Device which flush nitrogen into the bag after filling, to lower the oxygen level <4% (video).

Zipper closing device
Closes the zipper of filled bag just before sealing (video).

Seperate machines to complete production line:

Single or double head linear scale
Separate weighing machine which doses the product before dropping into the funnel of the bagger. This machine communicates with the Buffalo so it drops and doses automatically (video).

Output conveyor
Filled bag drops onto this conveyor which will transport it away to for instance rotating packaging table (video).

Inkjet printer with bag holder
Compact HP cartridge inkjet printer, integrated in machine. Economic print solution. Print: letters, numbers, barcodes & QR codes.

Price: on request
Delivery time: in consultation

Delivery: ex works

For more information please call direct our machine department number; +31 (0)85 486 5244 or send an e-mail to info@pouchdirect.nl.

Buffalo 200 Servo premade pouch machine

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