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Customer service


How long is the delivery period of the goods?

If you order items available on stock then the delivery period is less than 3 days inside Europe and about 6-8 days outside Europe. All order items are delivered within 14 days. If you order items with your own design, the lead time is 6 weeks after approval of the layout. If you wish to know the exact delivery date you can contact us on: info@pouchdirect.nl .

Is it possible to print on the pouch with your own logo or design?

Yes, starting from an order of 10.000 pouches we are able to print your own design or logo. After approval of the layout and agreement of the technical team your order will be forwarded to production.

How can I order?

You can order directly in our web-shop. After creating your personal account you will be able to choose the desired article with the right size, color and quantity. After order and payment receipt we will ship the goods as soon as possible.

What are the payment options?

There are 2 ways to pay 100% safely with PouchDirect. Firstly by Paypal. We accept here all currently available credit cards and payment by your Paypal account. You are also able to proceed with a direct payment transfer to our account during the order process. In our web shop you are able to choose the payment method that fits best. Would you wish to pay another way, please ask us on info@pouchdirect.nl.

Can I order pouches in different sizes, quantities or colors?

In our web-shop you are able to order between 100 and 1000 pouches. Would you wish to order another size, quantity or color, please request an offer in our web-shop under personal wishes. We will send you an offer the next day.

Why would you order with us?

We are your flexible partner in all sorts of pouches and packages, with or without an own design. We deliver very fast, have competitive prices, an excellent customer service and hundreds of happy customers around the world.