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Standup Pouches for tea

Stand Up Pouches for tea PouchDirect

Stand-up pouches for tea
Do you pack tea and are you looking for packaging that will keep the optimal taste and aroma of your tea? PouchDirect are specialist when it comes to taste and aroma. We are the supplier of stand-up pouches for tea in Europe. Whether you are packaging loose tea or tea bags, we have the solution for every packaging issue.

Wide range
We have different models: bottom gusset pouches with zippers, side gusset pouches and flat bottom pouches with and without zippers as well as small block bottom pouches. Several stand-up pouches are also available with windows, so that the customer can see the tea variety he is buying.

There is a wide range of tea pouches in various sizes and colours. You may pack your tea in kraft paper bags with a natural look, or you may opt for a stand-up pouch with a matte or glossy finish in white, black, silver, gold or red. We have an extensive range in stock. Our standard stand-up pouches for tea are available from 100 pieces. All bags from our standard range with a windows are aluminum-free: a 100% recyclable bag without aluminum.


Top Quality
Our stand-up pouches are made from high-quality material (Bisphenol-A free) and are excellent for packaging tea in accordance with EU safety standards (EC 1935/2004 and EC 2002/72 and EC 10/2011). This is a guarantee for consistent product quality as well as customer satisfaction.

Customized stand-up pouches for tea
Be different and get a stand-up pouch with your own logo or design. We provide this extra for many customers. We know that the quality of the tea requires that the packaging offers protection against external influences such as moisture and oxygen. Together we can develop a pouch that keeps tea fresh and preserves the aroma. One of our most important recent innovations is a transparent film with extremely high protection against loss of aroma. It keeps the aroma in the pouch and improves the quality of tea in pouches with windows. You will find satisfied customers and an increasing turnover!

Why PouchDirect?
PouchDirect has been your supplier of stand-up pouches in Europe for almost 10 years. Our customers appreciate our personal service, large stock of standard pouches, quick response to questions, know-how, wide range of high-quality products and competitive prices.

Are you looking for personal and expert advice for packaging tea? Contact us, we are happy to provide ideas and advice!

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