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Linear weigher, single head - Industrial quality (24/7 operation)

linear weigher

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Perfect small table top model single head weigher - INDUSTRIAL QUALITY / 24/7 operation (Product ID 452). When the supply hopper ...

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Perfect small table top model single head weigher - INDUSTRIAL QUALITY / 24/7 operation (Product ID 452).

When the supply hopper is filled with product, the product is transported by a vibrating gutter into the weighing bucket. When the required weight has been reached the gutter stops vibrating and the bucket is ready to drop the weight. The operator opens the bucket with a footswitch and immediately after dropping the load the scale begins a new cycle. Depending on the weight and the product, this can be done maximum 15 times p/min. 

To speed up the dosing cycle there is an option that divides the dosing speed of the product in two steps (fast and fine dosing). The product is transported in fast mode until it reaches 90% of the required weight and the fine dosing mode does the last 10% of the required weight. A keyboard with digital display controls the weighing cycle of the machine.

The construction of this machine makes it possible to fill most of all the free flowing products in condition of powder or granulates. But also chemical / pharmaceutical products and other food and non food products can be filled; like pills, coated tablets, (coffee)beans, rice, e.g., and further all kinds of metal or synthetic materials. The weighing system can be synchronized with packing machines or conveyor belts.

Technical information
Single head weighing machine - Industrial quality
Size 700 x 400 x 1050 mm (L x W x H)
Weighing range 10 - 2000 gram
Capacity weighing bin  2,5 or 4 Liter
Capacity Max. 15/20 per minute
Power supply 230 Volt , 50 Hz & compressed air required


-Compact size and equipped with product hopper.
-Available in various designs.
-Standard-equipped for master / slave control for synchronization with the second scale.
-PLC controlled and easy to operate.
-2,5 or 4 liter weighing bucket. 
-Suitable for manual operation or automatic operation (with a packaging machine).


Pneumatic closing valve for fine dosing, closes when pre-dosing has reached his set point and close the gutter for about 80% (depending of your product). We recommend this closing valve if you want to speed up your dosing capacity and if you want an accurate dosing or if you want to weigh products that are big or heavy, per piece. Price is incl. adjustment of the PLC program.

Single head pneumatic closing valve: € 840,-

Custom size adapter - exit funnel:  € 230,-

Stainless steal table: € 1.350,-
Dimensions of the frame are 800 x 550 x 1.100 mm (BxWxH).

Compressor for compressed air:  € 235,-

Delivery time: approx 2 weeks
Delivery: ex works
For more info call direct our machine department. T: +31 (0)85 486 5244.

Linear weigher, single head - Industrial quality (24/7 operation)

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