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Overview stand up pouches without valve.

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Disclaimer: We can not garantee all sizes. There could be a difference of 1 - 5 mm. Photos appearing on this web site may not be an accurate depiction of the actual color. Color of natural kraft products may vary due to the nature of the material.

Sizes Standup pouches



























+ handle



+ handle

Volume 70ml 200-225ml 325-360ml 450-500ml 700-900ml 1,2-1,4lt 2,8-3,3lt 9,5-11lt 8-10lt 12-14lt

Weight (coffee beans)

28gr 70gr 100gr 150gr 250gr 500gr 1000gr 3kg 2,7kg 4kg
Clear/ Clear Available

Clear/ Black

Clear/ Blue

Clear/ Red

Clear/ Green

Clear/ Shiny Silver 

Clear/ Matt Silver

Clear/ Shiny Gold

Clear/ Matt Gold

Shiny Black
Shiny Black


Shiny Silver

Shiny Silver
Matt Silver

Shiny Gold

Matt Gold

Kraft Paper
Kraft Paper + window
Shiny White
Matt White 

Matt Black 

Black oval Window
Blue oval Window
Red Oval Window
Green oval Window 
Matt Silver oval Window 

Matt Gold oval Window 


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