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Pleased to meet you!

Welcome to PouchDirect! Nice to have you here. On this page you will find out a little more about us. A little more, because we are mainly interested in our customers and not in ourselves. Now that you are on this page, we will briefly tell you something about ourselves. PouchDirect is an international supplier of high quality stand-up pouches and related products for the food and non-food industry. Our priorities are personal service (expert advice), a wide range, quality, competitive prices, online ordering convenience and short delivery times. We want to achieve long-term, successful cooperation with all our customers. Our knowledge and years of experience will face any packaging issue.

Standard assortment and customized products since 2010

We would like to make all products from our standard range (such as coffee bags with valves, flat-bottom bags, stand-up bags with windows, etc.) accessible to everyone: This is why you can order these stand-up bags from 100 pieces. Smaller companies can also benefit! With PouchDirect it is possible to order quickly and conveniently online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you pay before 5 p.m. (on working days), the order will be dispatched on the same day.

Expert advice

We prefer quality contacts, personal and based on equality. The advisors of PouchDirect like to give expert advice. With our knowledge and experience we not only deliver the best packaging solution, but the best solution for your company. In doing so, 'personal contact' is really personal. Our strength is our ability to first listen to who the customer is, what they do, what they need and what role the packaging must play for their product.

Our team!

PouchDirect has a passionate team that enthusiastically works day in and day out to provide the best packaging solutions to our customers. Our team consists of experts with a solid background in the world of packaging. Honest, decisive, forward-thinking and customer-oriented, with humor playing an important role. We look for appropriate solutions within client’s budgets to provide valuable packaging: effective, relevant and distinctive. Would you like to know who are the people behind PouchDirect? Take a look at our team page where we introduce them to you!

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