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Block bottom bags

Our high-quality, yet affordable block bottom bags (also called SOS bags) are highly suited for packaging food and non-food products such as herbs and spices, nuts, tea, superfoods, biscuits, little gifts and much more!

The advantages of block bottom bags

  • Great product presentation
  • Low storage and transport costs compared to glass, cans or cardboard
  • Cheap alternative packaging
  • All pouches comply with European food safety requirements
  • Stable packaging with flat bottom pouches
  • From 500 or 1000 pieces directly from stock

Technical options

  • Can be ordered with or without window
  • Available in brown , white and black kraft paper
  • Your custom printed pouches from 25,000 pieces
  • Can be sealed with tin ties (bags with windows can also be closed with sealers)
  • Available in 2 different sizes (contents 475ml and 800ml)

Why PouchDirect?

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  • Free shipment for more than 1,000 pieces
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  1. Block bottom bag Black kraft paper with window
    Available in 2 sizes
    From € 66.00 to € 122.00
  2. Block bottom bag White kraft paper with window
    Available in 2 sizes
    From € 63.50 to € 114.00
  3. Best Buy Block bottom bag kraft paper with window
    Block bottom bag kraft paper with window
    Available in 2 sizes
    From € 62.50 to € 112.00
  4. Block bottom bag kraft paper 2 layer
    Available in 2 sizes
    From € 61.50 to € 109.00

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