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International supplier of high quality stand up pouches, coffee pouches, flat bottom pouches and custom printed pouches for the food and non-food industry.
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Find your samples in four easy steps:

  1. A) Do you need a pouch with or without a coffee valve? All coffee pouches have a coffee valve *.
  2. B) Type: What type of pouch do you need?
  3. C) Size: What size pouch do you want? (content in ml or gram**)
  4. D) Color: Which color do you prefer?

Available types (Type B)

Stand up pouch
With or without window

Flat Bottom
With or without zipper

Side Gusset


Select 6 samples maximum
  1. 1)
  1. 2)
  1. 3)
  1. 4)
  1. 5)
  1. 6)

These are the samples you selected:

Extra sample options

Custom printed pouches (minimum order quantity 10.000 pieces depending on size and type)
Tin Ties (3 sizes available)
Scoops (available in 1 - 150 ml)
Eurohole pouches (available in different shapes)
Standup pouches with handle (available in different shapes)
Flat pouches (available in alle shapes and sizes) (minimum order quantity 10.000 pieces depending on size)

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