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Stand-up pouch kraft paper aluminium free - brown

Stand-up pouch kraft paper aluminium free - brown

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This very cost-efficient stand-up pouch of brown kraft paper is available in 4 different sizes, directly from stock.

The bag consists of two layers of material: beautiful brown kraft paper with an inner layer of polyethylene (PE). The material used is of high quality. The brown kraft paper provides a natural look and the inner layer provides protection for your product!

-Aluminium-free material (sustainable choice).
-50% bio-based (compostable).
-Good barrier for product protection.
- Four rounded corners with a modern look prevent "cutting" at sharp corners.

Looking for stand-up pouches with your own logo and text? From 10,000 pieces, we can print the pouches according to your wishes so that you can distinguish yourself optimally. Why not ask for a quote. No obligations!

Some applications: tea, protein powder, superfoods, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, chocolate, candy, non-foods, cannabis, etcetera.

More Information
Product ID613
Type of pouchStand-up pouches
Finishing optionsZipper and tear notch
Colour Brown kraft paper
Heat sealableYes, impuls sealer and heat sealer
Filling temperatureup to 80°C
Rounded corners 4 rounded corners
Materials45 gr-m2 Kraft paper/80 mic LLDPE
Custom print/color> 10.000 pcs. Please contact us for quotation!
Freezer proofNo
Food gradeYes
Microwave proofNo
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€12,95FRA, LUX

€19,95AUT, CHE, DNK, LIE



€49,95GRC, ISL


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Planet Proof icons
  • Recyclable PE plastic Recyclable PE plastic
  • Plant-based Plant-based
  • Energy recovery Energy recovery
  • Recyclable PP plastic Recyclable PP plastic
  • Biobased Biobased
  • Aluminium free Aluminium free
  • Multi material Multi material
  • Recyclable paper Recyclable paper
  • CO2 neutral CO2 neutral
What our customers say about us
Your own Look&Feel

We have a wide range of standard pouches available online. These are not just standard pouches, but pouches of top quality, made from high-quality materials, with a nice finish and great colours. Many of our customers choose to customize a stand-up pouch to match their brand. The most popular options:

* A sticker to make your brand and product stand out
* Stamp your logo on a kraft paper pouch for a traditional look
* Attach a header or a card to the pouch with a string

Check our Pinterest inspiration page for ideas to transform our standard pouches into your product packaging!

Check out Pinterest
How to select the correct size?
  • Step 1: Place an empty measuring cup on an scale.
  • Step 2: Fill the measuring cup with the total weight of the product you want to package.
  • Step 3: Read how many ML is in the measuring cup. Now you know what size you need.

Other available colors

Stand-up pouch kraft paper - black
Stand-up pouch - shiny green
Stand-up pouch kraft paper compostable - brown
Stand-up pouch with paper feel varnish - black
Stand-up pouch with paper feel varnish - white

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